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Fall 2024 applications are now open

Why Choose Us

Experienced Faculty: Benefit from the expertise of seven professors, 28 associate professors, and a diverse team of specialists.

Robust Training Programs: Access comprehensive undergraduate and doctoral programs tailored to meet the demands of modern healthcare.

Extensive Alumni Network: Join a community of over 10,000 esteemed healthcare professionals making a difference in local institutions.

Cutting-Edge Research: Engage in groundbreaking medical and pharmaceutical research, driving innovation and advancement in the field.

Global Perspective: Experience international collaborations and exchanges, fostering the transfer of advanced technologies and knowledge.

University Highlights

Faculty / Department

Science and Technology

Delve into the realms of Medical Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Genetics for groundbreaking discoveries.

Mathematics and Informatics

Master Mathematics for precision and Informatics for data-driven healthcare solutions.

Physical Education and Defense

Stay fit with Foreign Physical Education and contribute to national security through specialized Defense Education.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Explore Languages and Political Theory for a well-rounded understanding of societal dynamics

Faculty of Dentistry

Craft smiles and oral health excellence with cutting-edge education from our Faculty of Dentistry.

Faculty of Nursing

Embrace compassionate care and make a difference in people's lives with our Faculty of Nursing.

Faculty of Pharmacy

Enter the realm of pharmaceutical science and contribute to healthcare advancements

Medical Technology

Pave the way for medical advancements and innovation with specialized training

Maritime Medicine

Navigate the unique challenges of healthcare at sea with specialized education in Maritime Medicine.

Advanced Healthcare Studies

Dive deeper into specialized fields like Radiology, Pathology, and Epidemiology for advanced healthcare expertise

Biomedical Engineering

Combine engineering principles with medical sciences to innovate healthcare technology and solutions

Public Health and Epidemiology

Address societal health challenges and contribute to disease prevention and control through specialized education in Public Health and Epidemiology.

Documents Required

Complete Application Essentials

Submit a detailed Curriculum Vitae, a fully filled Application Form, and authenticated copies of Class X and XII certificates and mark sheets.

Document Authentication

Ensure all academic documents and a comprehensive certificate detailing nationality, name, address, phone number, and birth certificate are notarized and attested.

Identification and Verification

Provide twelve recent passport-size photographs on a white background and three notarized photocopies of the passport.

Financial Commitments

Pay the processing fees, including counselling and other charges, and submit the bank receipt for the first year's tuition payments.

Health and Safety Documentation

Present a medical certificate of fitness and an HIV test, ensuring the student's health and safety.

Admission procedure

This process will more or less require 30-45 days.

Check Your Eligibility
Make sure the NEET Entrance Exam was successful
Submit Application Form
Be sure to submit your application form, academic transcripts. proof of your English proficiency, a passport, and your NEET Scorecard.
Offer Letter
You will receive an offer letter in a matter of days if you have all the necessary paperwork and it meets the requirements.
Accept the offer
By making a predetermined acceptance deposit, you can accept a confidential or firm offer
Documents Submission
You must supply the required paperwork if your offer is confidential. For Instance: 10th and 12th Grade transcripts, NEET Score card, passport, etc
Invitation Letter
Make the payment and accept the invitation letter.
Apply for Visa
Once a student receives a printed admission receipt, student should apply for a visa with the relevant documents at the Armenian consulate.
Take Off
Once a student has completed all of the procedures for admission to an Armenian medical university, he or she can arrange flights to Armenia.

Quick Enquiry

Quick Enquiry